Survey in multiple languages easily

Web Survey Creator was built from the ground up to handle multi-language surveys. Integrated translation tools make it easy to manage a single survey with multiple languages.

Multilingual Survey, not Multiple Survey!

Most products have a "copy survey, then translate the copy" approach that is an administrative nightmare. We allow you to translate everything in the one survey design.

One click language choice

Different languages don't mean different surveys. A respondent can change the language at any time by clicking the language selector on the top of the survey form.

Translated reports and dashboards

Multilingual survey design is just the beginning. Respondents can be sent invitations in their preferred language, and dashboards and reports are multilingual.

A real Multi-Language Survey product

Creating surveys in multiple languages can be tricky enough, without having to battle with your survey software. Thats why we have created a tool that understands your needs.

Automatic flagging of content still needing translation

Collaboration tools to allow multiple people to work on a design at the same time - including multiple translators

Integration of multi-language capabilities at all levels - design, respondents, Email and reporting

Manage translations via an export/import of an Excel Spreadsheet